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years of experience.

our team's experience, knowledge and passion guarantee the outcome.

we are just fashion. an interdisciplinary crossover team of creative and innovative young people. 

we combine your vision and feedback with our creativity and knowledge to end up in a collection with highest standards, on budget and on time.



we are your trend scouts in the world of fashion.


up-to-date by international store checks, media research, fabric and yarn fairs we inspire you with upcoming color and materials – visualized by mood boards tailored to your unique and individual demands.



we visualize your identity – one storyline throughout logos, labelings, handtags and packaging, matching with your corporate philosophy.


full service collections, from sketch to production instructions with innovative design, extraordinary graphics and realization know-how combined with proven expertise are our passion and your value.



handover and follow-up of the collections from first prototype up to salesman samples at worldwide manufacturing locations - we offer as well contacts to reliable manufacturers with a complete and verifiable supply chain.

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